Thursday, November 10, 2005


Last night I forced my poor, poor husband to order himself some nice junk food to be delivered to our door. He chose Pizza Hut. They had a special which involved him getting two kinds of pizza (one pepperoni one sausage), some "hot" wings, and jalapeno poppers, which I co-opted. The PSA part of this message follows: These are not jalapeno poppers. They are tater tots containing teensy pieces of what may have once been a jalapeno but I doubt it, and also a tiny squirt of cheese product. I don't know how Pizza Hut gets away with calling these things either jalapenos or poppers, but I do know this - they are delicious. And also totally gross.

The spellchecker thinks "jalapenos" should be "Calvinist." My work here is done and I can now return to my home planet.