Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I give up.

It should come as a complete shock to no one that management has yet to do anything whatsoever about the safety issues in the building. No repairs, no warnings to the other tenants...nothing. And we found out tonight from the security guard (who I am trying not to despise just because he wasn't on duty until 15 minutes after I was attacked) that his boss has been trying to convince management to install security cameras for over a year.

Tonight I posted signs in the lobby and near all three elevators warning neighbors of what happened and reminding them of basic safety precautions like closing outside doors (which most folks do not do). I also wrote another letter basically saying I would fuck their shit up if they removed my signs without replacing them with the same information.

Before taking that step I posted this at el Buffyguide. I'd welcome any advice.

I am at my wits' end.

You may recall that I have posted in the past about the manager of my apartment building and the fact that nothing is ever done as it should be. Oh, if repairs are made they are usually solid, but it is very difficult to get important things done (for example, they are always quick to change my kitchen lightbulb for me instead of replacing the fixture which we cannot remove to change it ourselves).

So you may know that we had a leaky ceiling for five months and it was another five months before the roof was replaced. You may also recall that maintenance has done brilliant things like leave my apartment door unlocked after entering without my permission (though for work I requested).

We would love to move, but we simply cannot afford to move anywhere. Because we've lived here for three years and there is a limit on rent increases, we pay hundred of dollars less per month than we would if we moved in now -- and this apartment is half the size we need now. We have just now managed to collect enough money for a security deposit elsewhere, but that doesn't pay rent thereafter. So we are stuck here for the time being. (Please pray, cross your hooves, or whatever it is that you do that my husband will get the job he's been interviewing for.)

Last Monday I was carjacked in the "secure" underground parking lot of my building. My attacker entered through a pedestrian door that has a lock on it but also has a hand-sized hole next to the knob, enabling anyone to reach in and open the door from the inside. On further inspection I discovered that the other pedestrian door doesn't even have a lock or latch anymore. While it is true that anyone could enter the garage on the heels of a car, that is not what happened in this case.

I put in phone calls to management every day last week, leaving messages on their machine, the first in the middle of the night after I was mugged. At first I merely demanded that they change the locks to our apartment, as the man who had my car also had my license (with apartment number on my license) and house keys. As soon as I discovered the easy entry, I asked them to fix the doors. On Friday, nothing had been done and I put the request, very firmly, in writing. I also asked that they post signs at all entrances to the building, warning neighbors.

Today is Tuesday and nothing has been done. I am going to make the signs myself. I have left a FURIOUS message on the machine (no one is ever in the office). I plan to call the department of housing but I am trying to find the portion of the building code that's been violated first.

I don't know what else to do. I want these assholes to realize how serious what happened to me was and that 150 families are in danger of similar crimes because of negligence by the building. I want them to fix the goddamn doors. And at this point, I'd really like a fucking apology, though I realize that is an emotional reaction and what is really important is safety and legal matters.

What am I to do? What would you do? And is there an apostrophe in the phrase wits' end?

Oh, I should mention that my post title actually refers to Christmas. There is next to no hope of anyone outside of LA receiving their gift before Christmas day. I feel terrible about it, but circumstances conspired against me this year.

Also, it has been generally agreed upon that my apostrophe usage is correct.