Monday, December 19, 2005

To Do. Updated. Again.

  • Package and pack up all Christmas gifts. (Leeway permitted for in-town pressies.)

  • Finishing work on a few knitted gifts.

  • Finish editing chapter 15.

  • Pray that meeting Will is currently in leads to Dream Job. We won't know until after the holidays (Santa always gets my requests wrong).

  • Consider writing up page on editing services. (I was just approached for another possible job, and it would be nice to have something prepared.) Well, I considered it. And came up with the basic page. But I did not put it online because that is a big commitment and I HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

  • Watch Cry Wolf DVD for review (online by tomorrow's release). Now to write the review... DONE. Said lovely things about Jon.

  • Search building code for specific violations committed by asshole management. Call Department of Housing.

  • Fill out claims forms for car insurance.

  • Clean entire house for in-laws' visit.

  • Bake.

  • Grocery shopping for Christmas meal.

  • Beg Santa for a postponement as I just don't have enough time.