Friday, December 16, 2005

What does "timely fashion" mean?

So it took me a day and a half, but I finally dragged out the tape box and grabbed some goodies. Mostly mixes, of course. So far I've just listened to one, titled "Fuck You Eric Fitzgerald." It shouldn't require any explanation whatsoever, but just in case you are hopped up on NyQuil or something, I will explain: When I was 18 I broke up with Eric Fitzgerald because he was a shitheel to me. I didn't feel that dumping him was sufficient, so I made a mix tape of angry break-up music to drive around and listen to and be angry. It turns out, nine years later, that it also works nicely post-mugging. (Also, I haven't listened to the tape since I met Will, so I just heard "6'1" for the first time in approximately eight years and I flipped out and now I need to get that album.)

Tomorrow, I am totally listening to "Appetite For Destruction," if I didn't totally wear it out in the summer of 2000. (Have I ever told the "Rocket Queen" story?)

Also, I finally got a haircut. I LOOK GREAT! And I let her talk me into some fun with hot wax in the back room. I'll get Will to take my picture later.

Now if I could just take the Christmas cards I addressed two weeks ago and put them in the mail, everything would be great.