Friday, December 09, 2005


Yesterday I was told, by a friend I haven't seen since I was all skinny and a smoker and definitely not pregnant, that I look at least five months pregnant. As I am not yet even four months (unless they are all Februaries, as I'm 16 weeks along) this seemed a bit off. Then he said it was twins and I told him to BITE HIS TONGUE. We only heard one heartbeat, and even if it was at only ten weeks, I'd say that's a fairly reliable sign. Only a few more weeks till we can listen with a stethoscope (well, fetoscope).

For all my fussing, I am delighted to actually look pregnant. I'd secretly been wishing it was more obvious, and POP! My belly poked itself out and is showing no signs of going away.

For anyone keeping track at home, I am currently calling The Experiment "Big Bad Baby Belly." It has a horn section.

By the way, I am supposed to eat 75 to 100 grams of protein every day. That is a LOT. You know it's bad when choking down two ounces (10 grams) of cashew nuts - MY FAVORITE - is a chore.


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My pre-pregnancy measurements were 36-24-36. The Violent Femmes wrote a song about me! Now I am approximately 38-30-41. (The belly measures 37 around, making my estimate that it was larger than my chest very slightly premature.)