Monday, February 20, 2006

baby things.

This is more for my reference than anything else. I do have a wishlist but I'm not asking anyone to buy things from it. Of course if you know of any way I can get any of these items free or on the cheap, do leave a comment. You can email me for the list information if you really need it.

(Updated 5/09/06)

stuff we have

  • co-sleeper (our bed is not infant-safe) and bedding
  • Chinese prefolds (despite the name, these are flat diapers)
  • several thousand onesies, socks, assorted other clothing
  • diaper bag that closes (backpack style?)
  • nursing bras & tops
  • receiving blankets
  • newborn and small size diapers (mom and sis)
  • wash cloths/wipes
  • nursing pads
  • the other kind of pad
  • blanket
  • hats (oh my word, do we have hats - five bucks says baby hates wearing them, just to spite me)
  • sling (but I don't know if it's the right size - I need to get instructions from the interweb, and maybe a baby to test it out with)
  • look-look friends - froggy, monkey, Tigger
  • some clothes - nighties, onesies, and two or three outfits
  • cradle (is actually in South Carolina, must work out shipping)
  • diaper tote

stuff being made
  • blankets - one alpaca & silk (crazy!), one cotton
  • diaper covers
  • changing pads
  • nursery art (top secret)

stuff we need
  • books, lots of books
  • older clothing (everything we have is for under 6 months)
  • sling
  • stroller (not an immediate need) (also, I want the $900 Bugaboo)
  • blocks! (half the wishlist is wooden toys)
  • carseat (I think someone was going to give us one but I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO Matt & Crutchie are giving us one)
  • towels (of all sizes, in fact - ours really need to be replaced)
  • thermometer, nail scissors, bulb thingy, and any other baby med supplies
  • maybe a pump and some bottles? I am really undecided...

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. I really don't believe in going all out with baby gear. Most of it is unnecessary and only useful for a few weeks at best. That said, if there is anything you find absolutely indespensible, leave a comment. I might have just forgotten to write it down, or it may be that I never considered it but really would find it useful.