Saturday, May 13, 2006

And then it hit us.

Will unpacks the box, reads the instructions, and starts assembling.

Suddenly, there is a playpen in our living room.

Neither of us anticipated this. (Not the least because what we are assembling isn't a playpen in its primary function, but nevermind.) We don't know how to react. We are getting a real, honest-to-god baby.

We finish assembling and wrestle it into the bedroom. I spend most of the night waking up and touching it.

Tomorrow it gets bedding. I hate the nasty blinds but we won't be here for long. I'm not sure what happened to my pillow... (Also: you will probably have observed that the co-sleeper is taller than our bed, and might have wondered why we didn't get the Universal Co-Sleeper, which is shorter. The short answer is that I am stupid, the long answer is that we wanted a box spring anyway and we're going to order one as soon as we have the chance.)