Friday, May 12, 2006

Actual to-do list, not to be confused with all those wishful thinking to-do lists

  • Buy hose, drop cloth, bulb aspirator, diaper thingy
  • Clean bedroom and set up co-sleeper
  • Laundry
  • Order glider
  • Buy more Morningstar Farms frozen foods
  • Get stuff for Saria
  • Sew PUL backings onto flannel pieces
  • Mail cards
  • Get over the idea of having announcements ready
  • Clean bathroom
  • vacuum
Here's the interactive part: Will's mom is sending us a check for the glider we liked. Despite our insistence that we would split the cost, she is sending the full amount, though we will be buying the footstool ourselves. Anyway, we need to choose fabric for the cushion. I am of two minds: get something extremely neutral to match any decor, or get something adorable and just recover it later. I am leaning toward the latter because they have this blue and white print fabric that is the cat and the fiddle, the dish and the spoon, and the cow jumping over the moon. I could get this nightlight to go with it! (I will get that nightlight whether I get this fabric or not.) What do you think?