Thursday, May 11, 2006

gestation update

Unlike some people, I am not having a baby today. (I know the day isn't over yet, so it's possible, but I kinda doubt it.) I almost expected to, because my mother had me two weeks early, and Will's mother had him two weeks early, and here it is two weeks till my due date. I've been having "practice" contractions, and one woke me up in the night (or, you know, coincided with having to pee, you be the judge), but it was the third I'd felt in 24 hours so I'm not running to the telephone or anything. I haven't even noticed most of them unless I happen to touch my belly, which gets hard as a rock.

Baby, please stay inside at least through the weekend. I have stuff to do. I know that's a terrible attitude, but some of that stuff involves preparing for your arrival and it would really make me feel more secure to have it done. OK?

But really? We're still aiming for 6/6/06. At 6:16, the real number of the beast.

You can still place your bets.

(P.S. Did you notice I went one whole day without talking about pregnancy?)