Tuesday, May 02, 2006

guessing time!

Today my chiropractor predicted that the baby will be born on the 12th.

I thought it would be fun for everybody to get in on that action, so I am opening the floor up for guesses/predictions/anticipation.

The due date is May 25.

Will and I were both born two weeks early.

I estimate that the baby weighs close to six pounds right now. Will was 7lb10oz, I was 8lb.

I would like to offer a prize to the person who guesses correctly. However, I don't have any prize ideas. So put your guess in for the fun of it, and I will try to come up with something to offer the winner. Just to be clear, the winner will NOT be getting a baby as the prize. I'm only getting the one and it is MY prize, thank you.

You only have to guess a date.

You can guess a time, too, if you like.

Multiple people can guess the same date, but not the exact same time.

For extra credit, you may guess the sex of the baby.

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