Wednesday, April 26, 2006

to do. the list.

diaper and sewing stuff

  • knitted soakers
  • wash all fabric
  • sewn covers
  • wipes
  • asst. bits of cloth for spit-up or whatever
  • mommy stuff: pads, upper and lower

just me stuff
  • kegels + perineal massage + leg stretches
  • buy nursing bras and appropriate clothing (still need sleep clothes)
  • get another massage

birth stuff
  • order birth kit
  • watch Labor Of Love birth "class" DVD (On order)

baby/postpartum preparations
  • Wash baby clothes, diapers, etc.
  • Buy any essentials
  • freeze meals, stock up on pantry items
  • clean the house (wherever that may be)
  • infant CPR class
  • fire dept. for car seat installation