Thursday, April 20, 2006

All my friends are in my head.

So today I had to get Saria a list of people for the baby shower. It was problematic because I kept wanting to invite people who live thousands of miles away. I am getting a little tired, waiting for that portal to be built connecting LA, Austin, and Seattle. (And could we please throw in New York and Chicago?) Don't get me wrong - we know some great people locally. It's just that none of them are the people who aren't here. If you know what I mean.

Also, it hit me just now that I am Thirty five (35!!!) weeks pregnant and will have a real live baby in the very near future and OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Current measurements, in inches: 40-36-45 (belly 41).

Wait. Why do I think these numbers haven't changed? And wouldn't that be odd? Let me try again. We'll do centimeters. And, um, get dressed.

102-99-115 (116). Those numbers look much more likely, translating to approximately 40-39-45.25 (45.5).


I think I've just found the downside of ebay. I've been outbid on something I really want, but do not actually need.

In other news:

Former Military Air Traffic Controller Claims Comet Collision with Earth on May 25, 2006

A comet! On the froggy's projected birth date! I've been suspecting I'm carrying an alien. And now I know. (And knowing's half the battle!)