Monday, April 17, 2006

I knitted some stuff I can't show you.

First I knitted a handbag. Which I am going to felt. So while I intend to take its picture as a 'before' record, there is no sense in showing it off now. Then I knitted a cute little soaker pant to go over diapers. Which, frankly, is really absurd-looking by itself, though I suspect it will be adorable on baby. I took a picture and it isn't worth posting.

So now I am sad because I did stuff and have nothing to show for it. Except, you know, the stuff itself. I adapted both patterns! There was math! Some of which I did in my head while sitting next to Simon, a maths teacher, who had no idea what I was doing. It made me giggle to myself.

This is the most pointless entry ever.