Saturday, April 22, 2006

35 weeks (and some days)

Lately I am thinking froggy is a girl. Will has abruptly switched allegiances and thinks it's a boy. When I dream about the baby, it is most often a boy, but when I dream about giving birth, it is always to a girl. So that's really helpful. Not.

Y'all just want pictures, don't you?

Here is my arm after the midwife jabbed it with a needle (she made it cry):

And here is my big bad baby belly:

Please observe the unreal bend in my back and the enormous love handles. (My thighs are actually quite fat as well but you can't really tell next to the expanse of my belly.) My shirt doesn't really fit anymore - I had stretched it over my belly as fully as possible to avoid bare skin hanging out because that looks kinda trashy and ewwww.

Also, you can see my nipples. Which is not trashy in the least.