Saturday, April 29, 2006

happy saturday

Last night...well, perhaps my husband's drunken recounting will be more interesting than anything I could write: oslowe: L'absent

Also I got an invitation to my own baby shower. Only it is a "fiesta." Doesn't that sound exciting? I am holding out hope for a pinata. PINATA! (If you are my friend and live in LA, don't delete the evite from Saria, OK?)

Skylab just looks like any old object in orbit. I expected it to look...I don't know, special. I've seen Dogs In Space three dozen times.

April was the month that I was incapable of meeting deadlines. I made one on the third of the month and everything since then has been late, due (alternatingly) to my slowness and technology's utter failure to cooperate.

On the plus side, yarn sale at my favorite store. (How this can be good when money is tight is beyond me, but it just is.)

The end.