Thursday, April 27, 2006

36 weeks

In one more week I will be able to safely (and legally) deliver a baby at home. This is so mind-blowing that I am having difficulty even comprehending that there is a baby in here at all. Maybe I just, um, overate! A lot! For the past eight months! You know.

Actually, Will and I were both born two weeks "early" (though at eight pounds for me and seven pounds 10 ounces for him it seems silly to split hairs), as was my sister, so we could actually be a family of three quite soon.

To which I say: I'M NOT READY. Let's aim for 41 weeks, five days, OK?


(second picture) (third picture)

In the second picture you can see the shelf that froggy's butt forms. My arm/hand is resting on it. In the third picture, you can see how low my belly is dipping. I understand this will seem like nothing in a few weeks.

Almost there...