Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick baby brief

I have been so uncomfortable the last several nights that I now find myself afraid to go to bed. If I stay up then it is OK that I am not asleep, because I wasn't supposed to be in the first place. You see? I am as logical as a cuckoo.

We washed all of the diapers yesterday. More are coming, but things are all set for now. They already take up an entire (large) dresser drawer, and I am expecting a dozen more fitteds in newborn size alone. Plus I'll need room for the covers. And doublers. And wipes. Oy! Must look harder for a dresser that's just for baby stuff. (I think I'm just going to scour craigslist and look around for yard sales. Anyone have a better suggestion?)

All the ice I've been craving is finally causing problems - my teeth hurt now. Damn it.

The baby was so squirmy last night that we had to leave a party quite abruptly because it hurt. I am beginning to doubt my own judgment and wonder if the pain is indeed my little break dancer and not early contractions.

Notes from the (now weekly) midwife checkup:

It turns out that I haven't actually broken 180 yet, but I am very close. Almost 13 stone, my normal being 8.5 stone. (Do I sound very British?)

Far more interesting: at 34 weeks, my uterus measured 33 weeks and the baby was about four and a half pounds; at 36 weeks my uterus measures 37 weeks and the baby five and a half pounds. I think this change is partly just because the baby has moved forward considerably, making it easier for Diane to palpate (I think that's the word) my belly. It is also clear that froggy is bulking up. Diane also confirmed that my intestines seem to be front and center, explaining the difficulty I've been having finding the baby's heartbeat.