Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where did THAT come from?

I think my body has just developed its own weirdo brand of nesting. I sure as hell haven't been cleaning, but yesterday I managed to leave the house and Do Stuff all day without running out of energy or getting grumpy. This would have been a miracle a year ago, nevermind during my pregnancy thusfar.

After being awake from 6:00 I got back in bed at 8:00 for snuggles and slept until after ten. I can't possibly tell you the last time I slept past 8:30 or so, and even that has been rare.

We went to Felt Club, which meant exposure to lots of direct sunlight, which normally makes me feel as though I'm going to pass out inside of twenty minutes. We were there for about an hour (sadly not buying anything) and though I was hot I felt fine. Then we went out for lunch with Cory, who met us at Felt Club, and her husband, who met us at lunch. I had the most amazingly delicious stuffed grilled cheese sandwich.

Then we picked up some things we needed at the store and went home to regroup. At this point Will was exhausted (he also spent all day Friday on his feet at E3) and I was still going strong. (What the hell?)

We changed into nice clothes and stopped at another store for further supplies before going to the monthly "Home birth Meet-up" at our midwife's assistant's house and playing with all the pretty babies for an hour or so. Then we went to our baby shower.

I would like to suggest to anyone having a baby that you befriend Saria when you are about 12 years old and remain friends your entire lives and have her and her wonderful boyfriend, Brian, throw you a party when you have a baby. First of all, she understood my weird issues with comfort levels and having parties thrown for me at all and being the center of attention (an odd issue for such an attention whore, but trust me, I can't stand it). She let me do as much of the planning as I needed to in order to feel good about things (which turned out to not be that much, just knowing I had the option of control was fine). Brian made the most amazing food. We invited our friends, not just girls. The party was as much for Will as for me. There were no stupid games. And she totally gave a speech, her first ever, which was wonderful. Oh! And she gave Will a cigar, and Brian gave him a gorgeous hat which I will take a picture of later.

We got some terrific baby loot. Cute clothes, little soft toys, and some other goodies. Best present ever was also Saria's doing - she bought a beautiful bound journal and had everyone write or draw something in it for Froggy. (Jeffrey, who is a professional animator, drew Pinky and the Brain. Y'all should have seen Shelby's face when he realized that this was not some fan drawing but the real thing. And frankly, I did a stupid little dance myself. You might call it a fan dance.)

We came home and emptied the car, made a quick beer run, and then I stayed up for a bit decompressing. It was well after midnight when I went to bed. Sure, I was exhausted, but just at a "normal" level. I can only figure that errands and soforth are my version of nesting, because there is no other explanation.

And I totally slept till 10:00 again today.