Monday, September 16, 2002

As a much-needed break from my C&Ping of MSN chats, a series of Buffyguide private messages:

[me] Come have sex with us!
Will is wearing chilli pepper pajamas, and I am wearing a tight leopard-print skirt and tank top. We are seeeeeexxxxxxxxy.

[Beth] Damnit! You know I so would have sex with you! Stupid Indiana being so far away.

[me] I find it interesting that you named Indiana, the state you are currently in, as being the far away one. Clearly your [heart] is already in California with me. That, or you forgot where I lived.

[Beth] You know... that's a really good point. I think my heart is in CA.

[me] Will: You're going to leave me for Beth.
Me: Well, she is taller than you...By my calculations, that puts me at boobie level.

[Beth] Why do you have to leave Will? There's plenty of Beth for everybody.
Not everyone gets to be at boob level, though. You're special.

[me] Will says he is a one-woman man. I say we shall see.

Hang on. He just took it back. "I was thinking...there could be good aspects to having two women in my life..."
He looks all thoughtful now.

[beth] You just let me know.

**"Will" is the Boyfriend Formerly Known As Sick Boy.