Thursday, April 24, 2003

Dear Everyone,

I am posting this here because, well, I want everyone to see it. (Please note that I am not delusional and do not actually believe that everyone reads this, but I think most of the people I wish to address do.)

I do not wish to get involved in any sort of Us Vs. Them thing. It may appear that I already am, or possibly even that I started it, but I hope to clarify.

I never meant anyone any sort of harm or even offense by my wish that the other blog remain private. The fact is that yes, it is true I do not like Adam. This is for a personal reason, and has nothing to do with anything else he may or may not have done. Frankly, I don't care about that. I also cannot see any reason whatsoever that my dislike of him should mean anything to his friends - I'm sure many of them dislike certain of my friends, and I'm not bothered by that as long as I am not drawn into any conflicts.

I understand that things that were said by me and a few other people hurt the feelings of the people those things were said about. I hate that, because I don't want to hurt anyone. Well, maybe whoever keeps giving work to Drew Barrymore, but even then only a friendly clip on the jaw.

...Sorry, my brain went Elsewhere for a moment.

This feels like it felt when (some) people stopped trusting me simply because I was made a moderator at the WD. Yes, there is an "Exclusive Club" feeling to the whole thing. No, it does not change who I am. If people choose to stop liking me, that's fine. I won't like it, but it's their prerogative. But please, please, please: have a reason other than "I expressed my feelings and/or did something I wanted to do."

I hope that even some of that made sense. I will try to clarify anything if asked. --edit-- Please note that I have not banned anyone from the comments, so please ask away if you are so inclined.