Monday, April 28, 2003

Dude, someone really wanted to find me.

I just checked the IPs for hits to this page over the weekend, and someone got here through a google search for "Annika." I checked, and the hit was on the fifteenth page of the search results. That's dedication! I have no idea who it was, or I'd send them cookies.


Will and I had the most splendid weekend. On Saturday we drove out to Antelope Valley. Will says that it is "high plains desert," which I have trouble believing since it is only an hour away from sea-level and my ears didn't pop at all. Maybe the phrase doesn't mean what it sounds like it means. Anyway, we went to a place called the Devil's Punchbowl in the Angeles National Park, which is stunningly gorgeous. There were trails, but we weren't wearing appropriate footwear, so we just wandered down far enough to get some good photos. We stopped at a so-called Farmer's Market (it wasn't, but that was the name of the store) where there was a lunch counter with spectacular Mexican food, and we bought some produce for absurdly low prices.

Yesterday we played Deadlands with Will running the MetaHuman campaign for the first time since we moved. Once again, I am Jenny Sparks. I'll move on since most of my readers are probably not gaming geeks.

Yesterday evening we had the Monday Night Supper Club one day early, as I cannot cook tonight. I made honey-jerk chicken and an assortment of other goodies, and it was great. It is starting to worry me, though, that every time Andy walks into a room Will starts doing his "Andy voice" and doesn't stop until Andy is gone. Now, Andy's voice is pretty sexy, but it's still creepy. To compensate, I have decided to be a Will/Andy shipper.

And so forth...

Tonight, our friend Sean's episode of Everwood airs, and we are going to his screening party. This will be weird, because we hate watching television with other people. On the other hand, there will be booze, and probably finger food. Hee. Fingers.