Thursday, June 19, 2003

I've come to a further conclusion that people slightly younger than myself (by people I mean girls, because I don't know very many boys) are doing much better culturally than my generation, as are people slightly older than me. It seems to be primarily we 25-year-olds who are losers (I use the term in a friendly manner, I assure you). Oh well.

I made something resembling puttanesca sauce for dinner last night, and I am now eating the leftovers for breakfast/lunch (also called "brunch" by civilized people), against my better judgment. I will probably make it again in the future, but without the anchovies, because they gave me gas. Unless the garlic or tomatoes are responsible, but I prefer to blame the nasty little fishies.

It's cold(ish) and overcast for the millionth day in a row, and it is starting to depress me. I like this weather, but for crying out loud, I live in Los Angeles.