Monday, June 09, 2003

I forgot to mention - I have been reading the Christopher Snow novels by Dean Koontz. I never expected to read anything of his, but Will insisted that I might like these, and he has yet to steer me wrong. I've finished Fear Nothing, during the reading of which I developed rampant paranoia, and am a few chapters into Seize The Night. So far my only complaint is that there are evil monkeys, which is wrong-wrong-wrong. But then, I liked Brain Dead (Dead Alive). Will swears that he thought they were evil apes - baboons I think - which really wouldn't have made a difference. Or maybe it would, as no one in the books would say "evil monkey" and make me cry.

Anyway, they are quite good, and unlike Cherish I would recommend them. Just be aware that you will be afraid of the dark and possibly rhesus monkeys after reading them, unless you are truly made of Sterner Stuff.