Monday, June 09, 2003

There is a noise coming from outside that I can only assume is a pidgeon. Possibly a dying or heartbroken pidgeon. It sounds awful. Like a cow with laryngitis. (I have never heard a cow with laryngitis.)

Last night Will and I watched the strangest movie. Cherish, starring ceasar salad girl. I mean, Robin Tunney. It was just...strange. I kind of liked it, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It had an excellent supporting cast, including Tim Blake Nelson, Lindsey Crouse, Nora Dunn, Brandon Walsh (excuse me, I mean Jason Priestley), Liz Phair, and Brad Hunt, who I had never heard of but was very impressed by. After the movie, I went off on a long rant about how I wouldn't name my daughter after my writing partner if my writing partner and I were famous. This baffled Will entirely until I showed him our copy of Life With Father, by Lindsay and Crouse.

Ugh. There was just a loud clanking sound from outdoors, which I am certain was also the pidgeon. I don't want to check. I am starting to get freaked out. This is obviously a sign that I don't get out often enough.

In other news, Matt is a big old whore.