Thursday, May 29, 2003

A day of good news.

First I discovered, completely by accident, that Ridley Scott really does love me, and is in fact releasing a special edition DVD of Black Hawk Down. (OK, he is not releasing it, but had it never been released, as I feared, it would have been his fault.) Not only that, but it will be out in a few weeks! I've got to scrape together some cash, and quickly.

Then, this evening, I opened my email to find a 'newsletter' from a gal called Andrea. This newsletter contained the West Coast tour dates of one Mr. Andrew Bird. Including a show at The Derby, where I have always wanted to go.

If Slim Cessna has any New York shows while I am there (which looks to be the second-to-last week of June, but is still subject to change), I will know that I've died and gone to heaven.