Monday, May 12, 2003

Weekends suck. They're all ordering pizza and eating until you nearly explode, and sleeping in, and drinking coffee with Will, and seeing X2 with Cassie, and going out for sushi with Cassie, and Cassie paying, and having leftover pizza for every meal that isn't sushi, and staying up late watching Trading Spaces, and sleeping in some more, and telling mom I love her, and finding places to put the stuff I thought we'd never find places for, and watching the 90210 Reunion show and laughing, and doing laundry so your favorite sweatpants are clean and smell nice, and taking longs baths with Will, and reading trashy novels...when suddenly, they end. Just like that, tomorrow is Monday and Will has to go to work and I have to take care of paperwork, and sure, there's a new episode of Everwood, but who cares about Ephram falling in the water really, when real life starts up again so abruptly?