Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Before I came online, I watched a bit of a show called Celebrity Justice. It may be the saddest excuse for a half hour's programming I've ever heard of. Yes, worse than Texas Justice! There, I've said it. Not even my Katherine-esque devotion to stupid celebrities could make me watch that show again, even if there is nothing else (besides Port Charles) on at 11:30.

BBC Radio did a version of The Lord of the Rings several years ago. I believe it is the version I came across during Christmas shopping, which was priced so absurdly that I doubt there is a single American out there who owns it. I desperately want to hear it, though.

So last night we went to Sean's Everwood screening party. I don't think there is anything stranger than watching a television show in a bar with several people you don't know. While standing up. At least there was wine, even if one glass was approximately three and a half times the price of a bottle of our current favorite. Yay for Trader Joe's!

In other news, there is only a bit more than two months until my 25th birthday.