Wednesday, May 07, 2003

On Jenn's recommendation, I joined the forums at The Deadlands Resource Center. I immediately made a reply to one of her posts, calling her a slut. Good times.

I find it interesting that so many male roleplayers post about girls not 'getting it.' Roleplaying is a very female thing - which is not to say that it's un-masculine, but that creating and playing a character is something that anyone might enjoy. Now, I'm not talking about (A)D+D. I hate that game. I'm talking about good RPGs. By which I of course mean Deadlands. I've tried some others, and meh. Then again, our Deadlands campaign is probably better suited to the world of Marvel...

In other news, I have almost perfected the art of grievously injuring my enemies using only the powers of my mind. And no, I'm not talking about RPGs anymore.