Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Will had an appointment this morning with his Other Girlfriend. She is, of course, his dental hygienist. She shot his gums full of novacaine and scraped plaque and other nasty stuff from them. Apparently, it sounds more gross than it is. Anyway, he took the rest of the day off work, expecting to be mush-mouthed the whole time, but was actually fine by the time I got up (11:00 or so), so we had a lovely day of playing hookie together. We went to the Westside Pavilion, which is, alas, a mall. We looked around K-B Toys, which had an apalling selection, and Barnes & Noble, which had ten billion graphic novels we want but cannot afford, and assorted other stores. Then we had lunch at Poquito Mas, my favorite "fast" Mexican food joint.

This eveing Jenn came by and we played "Beat the Geek," which is nothing like the cable game show.

Now I am trying to upload photos to Yahoo!, because my computer won't allow me to save them on a disk. Stupid computer. The upload is not looking promising. Stupid Yahoo!.

Punctuation following Yahoo! looks strange.

Today is (well, technically yesterday was) Cinqo De Mayo. I did not get in nearly enough Mexican jokes, though I did inadvertantly eat their (LA-style) cuisine. Frankly, I just really like burritos. (note: I am in no way prejudiced against Mexicans, or anyone else for that matter. I hope that goes without saying, but am saying it anyway, just because. I just like making fun of people.)

My pictures have still not uploaded.