Saturday, May 31, 2003

Today (technically yesterday) I got a library card. Yay! I can cross one thing off my (nonexistant) list. The man who gave me the card was very funny. There must be a script that they have to memorize for card applications, on How To Use Your New Library Card. It was reasonably informative, but it seemed to be information aimed at small children. Not in a patronizing way, though. It turns out that the local branch of the LA Public Library has a lousy fiction selection (at least in English - the Korean section was enormous, but I don't know how much of it was fiction), and only a semi-decent non-fiction section, but that's OK because I can borrow from another library if there is something I want. For today, I only brought home a New Yorker collection. (Talk of the Town, before you ask, Phoebe.) There is a decent VHS and DVD selection as well, which is good.

I've done yoga every day this week, which is surely a record for me in regard to sticktoitiveness. (Should that be hyphenated?) Will says that tomorrow he will do it with me. I am trying to figure out how to videotape this, as it will be An Event.

In other news, my computer still hates me. For a while there I thought maybe it didn't, but it was just preparing a new and inventive way to hurt my feelings.

Incidentally (alternate paragraph intro: "In other-other news"), whenever I get up and running as a proper website, I am considering doing it as a webzine. I don't know why.

Good thing I did today: sent some Good Flight mojo to Wil Wheaton. I think I am going to order his book as a birthday present to myself. Er, if I get any birthday money. I currently haven't got any money of any variety.

Thus endeth a random peek into my brain.