Saturday, May 31, 2003

There is something about a blank page...

I seem to have overburdened myself with writing ideas. As usual, the outcome is that I am overwhelmed and not working on anything. Damn my brain!

Just a few days ago, I started work on an adaptation that I've wanted to do for literally years and years. I was very excited to finally be putting it on paper (well, my computer), and am taking my time about it because the source material isn't going anywhere.

This morning I woke up with a perfect picture in my mind of how to adapt my favorite novel ever. I had until today thought it un-adaptable, but now I know that it can be done, and well at that. So now I have two adaptations that I want to write (coincidentally, of books by the same author), in addition to all of my half-finished projects that are lying about collecting dust.

A few minutes ago I opened up Final Draft, thinking that I would write down the opening scene as I'd pictured it. I looked at the blank screen and simply froze. The ideas didn't go anywhere, I just didn't have anything to type. Performance anxiety, or something. But I know that if I take out a yellow legal pad and start scribbling, it will happen. And then I will have to type it all up later, and that will be irritating.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be my amanuensis?