Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I've been noticing that the ads on people's blogs are often tied in to the general theme of the blog. Not always, but often. On Phoebe's, for example, there were ads for two different magazine subscription sites that offered the New Yorker. Pat's had one for the Peace Corps, which I'm sure could be tied in somehow. Stephanie's used to have ads for things like DNA tests, which is absurd, but her blog is primarily about her family, so...Now it has ads for blogging services. This is also sensible.

My blog had, last I checked, ads for getting rid of zits, undoing sun damage, and improving the quality of your fingernails. Huh? I think I ought to be offended.

In other news, but still relating to advertising, I was watching TV yesterday and it seems that several internet service providers have (at least temporarily) lowered the cost of DSL. This is really exciting, because it is coming close to being affordable. And by affordable, I mean that we can't afford any internet service but Will won't allow me to cancel it because he loves me. We're currently paying something obscene like $23/month for dial-up, and I saw an ad for broadband for $29/month. Unfortunately, we currently use MSN, whose broadband prices are still around $40-50/month. I'm not opposed to changing services, just nervous about the hassle. I wonder if I could still use the MSN services (I don't mean just messenger and email, I mean the convenience of using msn to check these things) while using a different ISP. Then again, I hate MSN Explorer, and half of the time it fails at sign-in.

Argh. Choices.

Incidentally, I followed one of the links from Phoebe's blog and found that I can get a subscription to the New Yorker for under $30, with a free subscription to a second magazine. I suppose it's worth noting that the most interesting choice for the free magazine was FHM, but still. Have I mentioned that it's my birthday soon? And while we're at it, I'd also like web hosting prepaid for at least a year and my domain names renewed.

Thank you. That is all.