Thursday, January 22, 2004


That is to say, Happy Year of the Monkey.

I have until February 17th to re-register as a Democrat (or not), so keep those opinions coming in. I am seriously not going to make this decision myself, so for once, your vote counts.

I don't understand why last night's Angel disappointed so many people. I admit that the writing was not top-notch (as I understand it, the writer was a former stunt guy), and that ME has the potential to take the latest developments down the Path of Sucky Plot Lines (aka The Left-Hand Path™), but I really, really enjoyed the episode. And I am always right.

Anyway, Will and I got a shout-out. Don't ask what it was, I already forget. I really ought to tape the damn show, but we only recently started getting decent reception. I think the PlayStation2 is to blame.

I think we are finally picking up our Deadlands game on Saturday. This should be interesting. I created my character with the intention of having Will kill him off. I didn't care a fig for the boy. However, due to some strange twist of fate, I played him ridiculously well and everyone (myself included) has fallen madly in love with him. I managed to retain mad gamer credit by not spending points to negate the damage done last game session when he was shot in the stomach with a Buffalo gun (I spent one chip to ensure that he would not die on his horse, because he is loyal to the trail boss), which is fine and he might live, but now I have to create another character. Boo. I think I'll go through one of our several old west books and just steal somebody.

Apropos (of nothing)*, I am really procrastinating on that template change. I know what I want it to look like, but I haven't looked up any of the html, because I suck. What's really sad is the fact that the changes ought to be pretty simple. The most complicated part (as far as I can tell) will be deciding whether to make a graphic for the title or just leave it as-is. (Except, y'know, I might change it again. I've got a theme going.)

Last night Will and I had a discussion about finances and housework. I have a list of Things We Need To Do, which Will is already breezing through. Guess how much I've done. Go on, guess. I SUCK.

*According to my dictionary, it is correct to use the word "apropos" by itself here; however, "apropos of nothing" sounds neat-o. Are both correct? Just one? Neither?