Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sometimes the Best Laid Plans get trumped by a Better Plan.

Today, Will and I were planning to go have a good cry-fest at the ArcLight. By this I mean, of course, that we were going to (finally) go see Return of the King again.

We woke up and had coffee and did the usual morning stuff (looked up strategies for Vice City, took showers, read Calvin & Hobbes), and then discussed The Plan.

We have decided to first head to Best Buy, because Will has a $250 gift card from his boss for his birthday. After that, we will decide between the 4:00 showing of ROTK and going home. If we choose to go home, we still have the option of the 8:30 movie (which is likely to have fewer children in the audience) or staying home, watching SpyBaby, and going to the movies one night this week.

I like flexible planning.