Sunday, March 07, 2004

Dear Santa: I've been very good. Bring me a puppy?

I've been looking at pictures of different dog breeds all evening. Even Will got bored of it. Of course, since he likes dogs even more than I do, I suspect that he stopped looking out of a sense of self-preservation. We cannot have pets in this apartment, nor would I bring a large dog here if we could. And we are really large dog people. Unless we adopt a French Bulldog. They are really adorable.

My plan for us to buy a house will take about two and a half years, plus the time for me to find an income that will sustain the savings plan I made. I am not certain I can wait that long for home or companion. Maybe I ought to start looking into rental homes. In the northeast, I remember seeing many houses for rent with option to buy. I haven't seen anything of the sort here, but I haven't exactly been looking for that specifically. It would really be ideal, as (in my understanding) a percentage of the rent would go toward purchase in the event that we chose to do so.

I'll get right on that. Just as soon as I've taken a little nap.

p.s. Dear Santa, my current favorite is the Dogo Argentino. Just, you know, in case.