Thursday, March 04, 2004

Starsky & Hutch: It doesn't suck.

In fact, it's dreadfully funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ben and Owen have terrific chemistry, which I think everyone knows already, and they managed to make the characters their own while still playing them completely straight. Vince Vaughn was terrific as the bad guy, and Jason Bateman (Batman?) was unrecognizable as his sidekick. I didn't even hate Juliette Lewis, who I normally loathe. I loved Snoop Dogg too. I doubt that I could ever be so absorbed by a performance of his that I'd forget it was Snoop, but he was very good.

My only complaint is the scene you've all probably seen in the trailers where Ben takes on the "Do it" guy's identity as a disguise. The only reason this bothered me is that I don't find the "Do it" guy funny. However, the set-up for the scene is very funny, and of course Hutch makes fun of Starsky's disguise, so it's fine.

I don't want to give too much away or to seem as though I'm just plugging the movie because of my connections to it, but I do think it's worth seeing. It isn't as funny or clever as Dodgeball, so if you're only going to see one movie this year on my recommendation, wait. However, if you just want an hour and a half of fun, go see Starsky & Hutch. I'd pay for it if I hadn't gotten to go for free.