Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I am a wreck of nerves.

When I met Will, he was still actively involved in theater. He had one of the leads in a production of Mad Forest, which is a weird fucking play. I've done some theater, but stopped being serious about it around age 12. I'd done one play in school, the semester before I met Will, and actually had a lead (which isn't saying much as it was a three person one-act with a single performance), but it just wasn't a big deal.

On the opening night of Mad Forest, I had stage fright. Really bad stage fright. I must have known at that point that I was head-over-heels in love with Will. In fact, I know I knew. But if I hadn't, I think having stage fright on his behalf would have done the trick.

Right now he's recording voice-over for the Lost Boys Special Edition DVD (for a segment on Vampires of the World). I dropped him off at a recording studio across the way from the Warner Brothers lot. By the way, should you ever have reason to be in this building, make sure you know the gate code. You need it to get out as well. Motherfuckers.

I think I need a stiff drink. Unfortunately, I can't, because I have appointments this afternoon for wedding-related stuff, and while I have no problem showing up half in the bag, I'd have no way to get myself there. My DUI days* are long past.

Speaking of wedding crap, I should have a very amusing entry for you in the coming days.

*Oh, chill out. I only drove drunk once, and I had NO idea how drunk I was until an hour or so later.