Monday, April 19, 2004


Will and I spent all day yesterday playing. We had plans with Rich that fell through. I must say, as sad as we both were to not see Rich, it was something of a relief, as we'd been social all weekend.

We started out the day with Charades. It got off to a bumpy start as we were trying to remember some of the important gestures and whatnot. Will is really good at it, and I am OK. I really stumped him on a few, though. I would love to try playing with a larger group of people, but some of the shorthand clues that we devised would be totally inappropriate. (Let's just say that we came up with a sort of shorthand for "man" that will not be used in front of ANYONE.)

Later in the day we went grocery shopping and then picked up Chinese take-away. The drive home was torture, because we were so hungry and the food smelled so good. We needed a distraction, but Charades was out as Will was busy driving, so we tried this word game that Will overheard some guys playing when we saw Hellboy. We don't know if it has a name, and are calling it "Predator vs. Nell" until we come up with something better. You describe a movie that is actually a hybrid of two movies, and the other person guesses the combined titles. My crowing achievement came with the clue "Keanu Reeves stars as an Enlightened man who has wacky adventures in China with talking animals." The correct answer is, of course, "Doctor Doolittle Buddha." That game was harder for me as nearly every time I came up with a great movie title it turned out that I knew absolutely nothing about one of the two movies (except obviously its name). My other favorite was "Jack Black co-stars in this World War II epic as a man who has to save his best friend, whose brothers have all been killed, from marrying a woman everyone hates." That one is a little trickier as the titles don't run together in the same way. See if you can guess.