Thursday, May 06, 2004

Ewww. Time to clean my keyboard.

It's been that time for a month or more, but nevermind.

The computer is running better already, but I really think that the XP design is Windows for Retards. And those of us who got used to the old versions are the retards now, because I sure as hell can't figure out where anything is. I needed the assistance of a hot lesbian just to figure out how to import my IE favorites from CD. (The fact that she's a hot lesbian is irrelevent; I'm just bragging.) Either everything is more intuitive or it is all totally the opposite (counter-intuitive, I guess that would be), but either way I expect to get used to it. I had a hell of a time getting it to recognize my speakers, but that has nothing to do with Windows and everything to do with untangling the mess of wires behind the desk to un- and re-plug them.

If the Teletubbies or the Rugrats jump out of my monitor, though, I have a Windows 95 disc ready. It might seem extreme, but all of these bright colors are freaking me out! (And yes, I know that I can use "Classic Windows," but that would just make it take me longer to figure everything out. I would be lulled into a false sense of security.)

To make the transition smoother, the first thing I did was put all my pictures back on the machine. My new desktop image is a photo of Will and Darren making funny faces in our bar in Pittsburgh. If I start to worry about anything, I can just minimize all of my windows.