Monday, May 03, 2004

That's enough of that.

No more moping. Not on Rex Manning Day!

[spoiler for this week's Alias]
When Vaughn and Sydney get to the complex and Vaughn checks the dead guard, he then takes the guard's rifle. So he puts away the CIA issue pistol that he was holding incorrectly and uses this rifle, without even checking to see if it's loaded. What a freakin' moron. Will wanted to blame Michael Vartan and his forehead for that moment of idiocy, but I blame the witless director, seeing as later on when Sloane is drugging his daughter, he doesn't get the air out of the needle before injecting her.

Also, I am willing to accept all of this Rimbaldi bullshit, but I cannot accept that in Alias-land the CIA has Magic Helicopters with "whisper mode."

I almost died when Lauren used the LAW (light anti-tank weapon). I am not exaggerating - I was laughing so hard that no oxygen was able to get to my brain.

The rest isn't even worth comment.

Except maybe the end, when Vaughn proves once again that he doesn't have enough training to carry any firearm on earth.