Sunday, May 02, 2004

Weekend Update.

Let's see...last post was Tuesday. And oh-so informative.

On Wednesday Will took Darren to work with him and I drove to Santa Monica where I met Pat and Stephanie and Saren and Harper. We went to the Puzzle Zoo on the Promenade, which is a very cool toy store. Harper got a fairy and Saren got a zebra and I got a little Hellboy toy for Will out of one of those bubble machines. It cost a DOLLAR! Outrageous. Harper was being very shy, but Saren was her usual talkative self. We walked to the Pier and went on the Merry-Go-Round. I sat next to Harper and she grinned at me as we went up and down. When we walked back out onto the pier she trotted up next to me and took my hand. It's not like she didn't like me before or anything, but she has always been more into Will (or Mama and Daddy) and it was just the sweetest thing ever. We walked down to the end of the pier and had lunch in a mediocre Mexican place. It had this weird well-like thing into which you could throw pennies. There was a lamp/bucket hanging down and below that was the ocean. Very weird. We walked back up the pier and looked at the rides but didn't go on any of them. Saren tried the binocular thingy and then we went down onto the beach. I sat with Stephanie while Pat and the girls played Chicken with the waves. Saren and Pat got soaked but Harper was too quick. Harper let me carry her back to the car and pointed out every single taxi (taggy) on the way. She is so sweet that I could just die. (I don't mean to make this so Harper-centric, but Saren and I have been fast friends since we met and it was very new and exciting for me to chat with Harper so much.) I drove back to Hollywood and picked up the boys and we went out for Indian food.

Thursday Will took the day off. If anyone from his office asks, we did wedding stuff all day. If you are not from his office, we went to the desert (though we did stop on the way to look at clothes for the boys, so we weren't totally lying or anything). We went to our usual spot, The Devil's Punchbowl in the Angeles National Forest in the Antelope Valley, north-east of here. I fell asleep in the back seat on the way there and slept with my face against the window. I have a lovely sunburn to show for it, because I only put sunscreen on my arms. Doh. I had a hat, but apparently that only works if you wear it. We took the hike through the punchbowl. We also took pictures. I have not taken them off the camera yet.

On Friday I went back to Santa Monica, this time with Darren. He had never seen the Pacific, so we rectified that. Friday night we went to a party for Ludek's birthday. It was very nice and I had a nice time, but I am just not a party person.

Saturday was our lazy day. We played video games and sat around a talked. I made Chile Verde for dinner and Will's friend Bill came over (he lives in San Francisco and was in town for the weekend - otherwise we wouldn't have seen anyone, as it was Darren's last night here). After Bill left we stayed up all night playing one of the best games of Deadlands I have ever participated in. I was a ninja. NINJA! Fell asleep around 5:00 and forced myself out of bed a little after nine. Darren had a noon:something flight so we had coffee and then drove him to LAX. I am totally depressed that he's gone.