Thursday, April 22, 2004

That was...weird.

I went downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer. There was a boy there, putting his into the washer. Ten years ago I would have thought he was soooo cute, but now I definitely don't. Tall, a little too skinny - should possibly be modeling Calvin Klein jeans. You know the type.

He seemed to be attempting to strike up a conversation. Either he finds girls in laundry day clothes with unwashed faces attractive or he really needed the spare quarter I gave him. Heck, he might have just been lonely. He asked if I'd just moved in, and I told him I'd been here for over a year. So then he asked me if I'm a hermit, because he hasn't "Seen me around." does one respond to such a question? And why the hell would I hang out in the building but not in my apartment? And why do I give a crap that he sold his car to some guy who didn't even test drive it?

I feel so mean, except I'm not, because he was so very obviously trying (poorly) to flirt. Am I wrong to think he's a total tool?

As a reminder, here is a picture of my left hand:

I suppose I should have gone for something less subtle, eh? (Please see the image to the right for reference.) I don't like it, but it's more obvious.

Now, seriously: Is it not obvious that I am wearing an engagement ring? Even if this guy wasn't flirting at all, I've gotten that flirtatious vibe from a couple of people over the last six months. Don't they get it?