Monday, May 03, 2004

Wedding Update.

(See what I did there? Aren't I clever?)

I have always found the cost of a wedding to be outrageous. In the U.S., the average is around $20,000. For that amount Will and I could move into a lovely home and own it outright in no more than 30 years. Or we could buy a second car, cash. Or travel the world, probably twice.

While I feel that the wedding is an important entry into marriage, it is nonetheless only one day. And not even a whole day.

But we started planning ours, and costs of regular items triple when they are for a wedding, and we've already spent thousands of dollars, without any food decided on yet. And I hear food isn't cheap. The problem is (not with food, just in general) that once you begin planning a wedding you get caught up in the things that you never cared about and they become important.

Location: For 1/4 the price of the other places I looked at, we're getting married in a movie theater. Pretty damn cool. Still a lot of money.

Food: See above.

Clothing: Spent over a grand for my sister's and mine together. Had heart attack over it. Calmed down when realized that included jewelry (not something I planned on) and shoes and was gift from mommy. (My dress only cost $250, which I understand is simply unheard of.) Still looking at stuff for Will, but looks to be somewhere in the $300-400 range, plus about the same for new boots. Darren ordered lovely $100-something jacket, will need shirt, tie, etc. (They may wear jeans - it depends on whether Will gets a suit or frock coat.)

Flowers: Just eliminated unnecessary items that I was somehow talked into, knocked price down from over $900 to about $350. Still feel that I am being had. Wonder if I should go back to that crazy idea I had about doing them myself.

Photography: No idea. Might cry.

Ceremony music: Want strings, hate price. My father says it is reasonable, but I am not happy abut the amount that has already been spent. Plus, Will is undecided. We might just have a pianist. I feel that we ought to have some sort of live music because it is a silent movie theater. Reception music will just be CDs over the speaker system.

Cake: Apparently wedding cakes are priced per slice. FUCK THAT. I think we will get a couple of those berry cakes I had for my 24th birthday. No decoration required. Delicious. Expensive, but not priced for a wedding.

Invites, etc: A friend of ours does beautiful work with a letter press. It won't be free, but she's giving us a terrific deal.

Favors: Still torn on this. Are they necessary? Definitely not, but they're a nice touch. If we do them, I'm just going to bring some cash to Chinatown.

There's some other little things, like parking and/or shuttle service and incidental rentals (like umbrellas and linens), some of which are optional.

The amount of money is just staggering to me. I was feeling so confident about everything, and today suffered a total setback. Right now I am thinking of going to City Hall. But some of the money has already been spent and besides, I want to share the event with people. I just can't help but think that the money, while nowhere near the 'normal' amount, would at least pay for closing costs on a nice house.

I've already got more suggestions and advice than I know what to do with, so I'm not asking for more. I guess I just thought I'd share. Of course, I thought it would be a quicky "ARRGGHH" entry...