Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A few changes.

I have (*sniff*) removed the wedding countdown from my template, replacing it with a link to the Yahoo photo site (which I am adding pictures to almost daily). I made that link a picture, which happens to be the picture I'd put in my profile, so I put the old b+w photo of yours truly back in that spot (see upper right corner).

I've left the wedding registries because there are still some things we'd like to have, and if we don't have to buy them ourselves, well, wouldn't that be nice, and Christmas is right around the corner after all. But again: PLEASE do not feel obligated to buy us anything.

I have also added a handful of my regular reads to the blogroll. It is getting out of hand, and I cannot even tell you how many blogs I have bookmarked but not linked here. I read too many people's lives.

In conclusion, two thoughts and a question:

  • Fresh flowers make me happy.
  • Telling someone you appreciate something they've done makes everyone involved feel good.
  • Would my readers like me to share recipes? That is - if I were to occasionally (say, once a week) post the recipe of something I've cooked, would you read it or just skip past it?

EDIT: I have made a few template changes as well - I was tired of the blueish links, and have made everything fabulously and confusingly monotone for the time being. Please register any complaints below.