Monday, November 08, 2004

Awkward wedding gift problem.

According to our registry at Bed Bath & Beyond, someone purchased the down comforter we asked for. Yay! It's been really cold at night lately. The thing is, it showed as purchased on the list weeks before the wedding, and we've seen neither hide nor hair (nor feather) of it. I don't want to be all bitchy, because it's a gift, but I'm worried that it might have gotten lost. The other possible explanation is that someone was looking at my registry and then bought the same item for themselves, and the computer got confused. I have no way of knowing who purchased it, so if it was you or you know who it was, you'd better track that package (or, if you bought it for yourself, just let me know so that I can put it back onto the registry in hopes of Christmas pressies).

Also, it isn't rude to tell people we want the rest of the dishes we registered for, is it? I mean, if they ask what we want for Christmas, we can ask for wedding registry stuff, right? I was kind of surprised that we didn't get many of the dishes, because that's what you're supposed to register for and all. And we can totally just get them for ourselves (bank balance willing) but, well, you know.

I think it's really unfair that I avoided being Bridezilla but now I'm all wedding-obsessed after the fact. I'd like that to stop now. If there's a pill, I'll take it.

EDIT. I've decided that there really is a God. I know it's true because I can hear him laughing at me. Man, is he ever enjoying this. Short story is: FedEx just dropped off the comforter. Long story involves conspiracies between God and Bed Bath & Beyond and is best not gotten into right now.