Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Another political post.

I just called my mommy, but she wasn't home. This is irrelevant except that part of the reason I called her was procrastination of household tasks, and everyone knows that the internet is way more efficient as a procrastination tool than the phone, especially when you have a cordless phone and so could conceivably clean and organize while chatting.


I was thinking. And I guess this is kind of related to the phone call after all, because my step-father answered the phone and when he asked how I am I told him I voted Democrat and then laughed and said, "It's no worse than yesterday." Which is the point I wanted to make here.

My personal feelings toward Kerry this morning aside (I think I am allowed to be emotional on my blog), I am not angry about the outcome of this election. Disappointed, yes. I am disappointed that basic civil rights mean so little to the Moral Values Brigade. I am disappointed that Bush will almost certainly be President when my children are born. (Will: stop hyperventilating. He'll be president for four years and a few months. That gives us plenty of time to get ready for babies.)

But. Bush won the popular vote. I think that is really important. If Kerry had won the popular vote and Bush the Electoral College, I would have been furious, as I was four years ago. The fact that he was reelected legitimately makes this much easier for me. The Right has just as much, er, right to have their voice heard as I do. And they were a little bit louder. Their numbers (at least at the voting booths) were stronger. And I think I can accept that this is the majority. I just hope that the rights of the minority will be protected. Isn't that what our country is all about?

The issues that I am outraged about (and I am outraged) are the same today as they were yesterday. And they'd be the same today if John Kerry were the President Elect - I'd just be a little bit less worried. But only a little bit.

I see a lot of bitterness. And it's depressing me. So I think that everyone who is unhappy with the election results should do what I am doing tonight: go to a friend's house and get high. (Mom: KIDDING!)