Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Will this madness never end?!

And no, I am not talking about The Dreaded Election.

I'm talking about wedding pressies. They are still arriving almost daily. THIS IS GOOD. KEEP IT UP. But I am starting to feel overwhelmingly guilty. Let's see - I dressed myself up all pretty and pranced around to Queen and said some things in front of a bunch of people that I usually say in private, and then I had some nice food and hung out with people before going to stay in a really nice hotel...and I am being rewarded for it?

Crazy, man.

And as if all of the Stuff wasn't enough, a couple of people sent us gift cards and several others sent checks so we were able to buy some stuff we wanted that hadn't been purchased from the registries, and pay off part of the credit card mess and still eat. And we ought to be able to get ourselves Something Nice when we have five seconds to figure out what. Probably the rest of the honeymoon and maybe a tattoo (we intend to get them to commemorate the occasion but have not even had time to look for a reputable shop).

Time. (Or thyme, which ought to make Jenn laugh.) We don't have any. Well, technically I have some, but I am wasting all of it worrying about what I don't have. Will's job has increased three-fold and he is really stressed out. No, that isn't even the right word, though it's somewhat accurate. I'd say he's more tired than anything else.

Before we know it, April will be here. I am already looking at flights to the east coast for Sarah's wedding (that would be Will's sister). Why does the internet not understand that I want ONE carrier and I want to ARRIVE AT and DEPART FROM the same fucking airport? Short layovers? Not a problem. Best time to eat, since they only give you cat food on the plane and to add insult to injury they make you pay for it. Flights under $300 per person would be nice too. I know I can always call Crystal for assistance but we have an Orbitz credit card and while we have not yet earned enough points for money off these flights, we will get double points if we book them there.

Thank goodness my sister does not have a boyfriend, let alone fiancé. I mean, I would be very happy for her if she did, but I'm not sure I could handle the stress.