Thursday, November 04, 2004

A perfect day, part 2

It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Chilly (for Southern California), sunny, with wispy clouds over the Hollywood Hills and dotting the sky overhead.

I started my day (after Will successfully navigated his way out of my tight embrace and got out of bad, the rascal) by washing two loads of laundry and changing the bedding. Chores, yes, but the prospect of sleeping on clean, nice-smelling sheets makes up for it. If I can bear to be in the basement for much of the afternoon, I will wash the rest of the dirty clothing and the towels. If not, it can wait until tomorrow.

I must change the water in my flowers. They are holding up beautifully and I would like to always have fresh flowers around, especially if they are going to last this long. They are Peruvian Lilies. I don't remember the Latin, but I believe Jenn knows.

I'm in a good mood.