Sunday, November 07, 2004

Don't make me watch scary movies.

Tonight we decided to finally watch the American version of The Ring, which has been sitting on top of our TV in its Netflix envelope for about two weeks. I'd kind of put off watching it because I figured that, being American and all, it would be full of jump scares, which I believe to be bad for my complexion. So we put it on, and got through the opening, and pretty much as soon as Naomi Watts showed up, the DVD started skipping. Not the way a record skips, but so that it would jump ahead a few seconds. Or maybe the movie was just really badly edited... Anyway, we only got about 13 minutes in before we gave up. Not because of the skipping, actually, but because the sound went out at about 12 minutes, and that was only amusing for 60 seconds.

So then we put in Pumpkinhead. WARNING: Do NOT watch this movie if you love little children and don't want to see anything bad happen to one. Now, that said, while the movie really upset me, it was also very good. The central theme of vengeance was dealt with very nicely, and Lance Henriksen is possibly one of THE BEST living actors. I've seen him in a LOT of movies, and this one impressed more than any other. I'm really torn about the movie itself. It was very good and quite effective, but I really question whether they had to introduce us to the boy and make us like him before taking him away. Sure, it worked (see how wound up I am?), but the whole movie centers around a father's grief and I don't think we need proof that a father loves his son. I think we can just accept it without question.

Anyway. Question for my readers! Which do you find more horrifying: monsters or people who do bad (monstrous) things?