Saturday, November 06, 2004

Wait. What?

We had a very productive day. And it was really fun, too. What the fuck?

First of all, the Marriage Certificate came in the mail Friday, so we went to the bank to change my name on the account so that we could deposit the checks we got as wedding gifts that are made out to my married name. Yay, money! Except that we can't access it for a while due to assorted bank cock-ups and the fact that one of the checks is out-of-state so there's a 5 day hold on it. Grrr.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we started out the day hungover from an evening spent with Meghan, Mark, and the puppies (during which time Will got a massage, which becomes important to this story later), so I drove to McDonald's and bought a delicious greasy breakfast that I'm sure destroyed our good health but ask me if I care. The answer is no.

Anyway, after the bank we met up with Jenny and loaded four boxes of give-away stuff (mostly clothing and housewares) into her truck. We dropped it all off at Goodwill, where the nice man tried to congratulate Will and Jenn on their marriage (hee!) and then got on the highway and headed north.

We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Littlerock and then drove to The Outpost, a little trading post type place with lots of found objects (jewelry, Native stuff, scorpians the cat dragged in) and Native art, both cheesy and not, and handmade furniture, and bought these amazing bar stools. I can't even describe them, so I'll take a picture later.

While we were doing that, the sun set (what I saw of it was amazing), so we drove to the Devil's Punchbowl but couldn't really do much because the park closes at dark (and we didn't want to be on the trails after dark anyway - scaaaaaaary). Then we drove back to LA, stopping in Burbank at the Dreaded Ikea for a bed frame. I feel very conflicted about the whole thing because we are trying so hard to get rid of our Ikea furniture (the new bar stools replace a very uncomfortable set from That Place), but we can't find the kind of frame we want for under $1200 and we needed the mattress off the floor and this frame was only $130. I think Mindi might have the exact same one, but ours is not stained yet. It's pretty, but the plain pine is kind of an eyesore in our bedroom. Doesn't go with the other furnitures AT ALL. Oh well. I think I'm going to wax it.

Unfortunately, Will ruined the positive effects of his massage by putting together the ridiculous thing. It's a nice enough bed, but the instructions were awful by even Ikea standards, and none of the holes were drilled properly, and he is back to being sore and unhappy now. I hate you, Ikea! That is the last of our money you'll be getting, I guarantee it. (If I try to buy anything else from those fuckers, somebody lock me in my apartment.) Poor Will. I should run him a bath or something. Ahh, nevermind, he's playing Vice City. The nicest thing I can do for him is leave him alone.

While Will was putting together the bed (and I was attempting to help but possibly doing just the opposite), Jenn made tortilla soup. It's so good! Last time she made it I ate three bowls and then was horribly sick. This time I only let myself have one bowl. Crisis averted!